Home Page

  • Change out movie – would love to use the one you have on Facebook, but I need it rolled out to YouTube or Vimeo. I cannot embed from the FB video
  • Blurbs – not required – a little one or two liner under each block with further explanation for Need Art, Got Art, Event Shirts and Got Spirit
  • Get Started subhead – can link to contact page or some other call to action
    • If we switch out the movie, might need other background image here


  • Right now, services link goes nowhere, just serves as placeholder for sublinks. Do you want any content behind it?
  • Updates to Screen Printing content
    • new, different, more images
  • Updates to Embroidery – Check red colored content for accuracy
    • Add pics?
  • Any other services to add?


  • Decide on preferred format
  • Images to add?

Contact Us

  • Validate info
  • Discuss ‘people pages‘ and choose (or try other) format
  • need new photos of all staff members and bios or whatever you choose to put there.


  • discuss format
  • discuss posts
  • add/edit/delete posts

Privacy Policy

  • needs content review, especially items in red

User Agreement

  • needs content review, especially items in red
  • Should it be User Agreement or Terms and Conditions, kind of refers to itself as both?


  • Add images to other pages?
  • Any design concerns?
  • Anything I missed?
    • newsletter
    • events calendar
    • any other functionality you wish the site had?